English 1st Paper ভিকারুননিসা নূন স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ 2023

প্রশ্ন ·সময় ৩ ঘণ্টা ৪৫ মিনিট

Look at the chart. It shows COVID-19 Pandamic cases and deaths by 5 countries on 15 June 2022. Describe the chart focusing the important aspects and analyse the result.

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

The following is the beginning of a story. Complete it in your own words.

In an afternoon, grandmother was knitting a scarf under a mango tree in the yard. Romim, her grandson, suddenly came running to her with an old photograph in his hand ..... 

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

Read the following text and fill in the blanks with suitable word from the box. There are more words than needed. Make any grammatical change if necessary.

We cannot altogether get rid of our (a) ___ but a proper management of it can certainly reduce its quantity. If we think of (b) ___, burying, recycling and thus managing our waste, we can (c) ___ a large extent save (d) ___ environment. Our garbage consists (e) ___ various kinds of things. Some (f) ___ burnable, some are non-burnable. In (g) ___ countries waste is destroyed (h) ___ incineration. The non-burnable waste (i) ___ melted and prefabricated. Some (j) ___ is not rubbish at all.

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

Read the following text and make a flow chart showing the pitiable condition of adolescent bride. (No. 1 has been done for you)

When a girl gets married, she usually drops out of school and begins full-time work in her in- laws' household. In the in-laws' house, she is marginalized. She becomes vulnerable to all forms of abuse, including dowry-related violence. In Bangladesh, it is still common for a bride's family to pay dowry, despite the practice being illegal. Dowry demands can also continue after the wedding. For an adolescent bride, even if her in-laws are supportive, there are greater health risks in terms of pregnancy and child birth. The majority of adolescent brides and their families are uninformed or insufficiently informed about reproductive health and contraception. The maternal mortality rate for adolescents is double the national rate.

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

Fill in the blanks with appropriate word in each gap.

Bangladesh is a country with an area of 1,47,570 square kilometres. It is burdened with (a) ___ than 120 million people. About (b) ___ thousand people live per (c) ___ kilometre. So it is (d) ___ densely populated country. The (e) ___ rate is very high (f) ___ must be controlled immediately. If (g) ___ rate goes on unchecked, Bangladesh (h) ___ face a great problem. So (i) ___ one should come forward (j) ___ raising public consciousness.

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

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