Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd - Management Trainee Officer - 2011

প্রশ্ন ৫১·সময় ৫১ মিনিট

1. The immediate cause of world war II in Europe was

2. 8% of the people eligible to vote are between 18 and 21. In an election 85% of those eligible to vote who were between 18 and 21 actually voted. In that election, people between 18 and 21 who actually voted were what percent of those people eligible to vote?

3. How many 'mashrafs' (eligibility) are there for receiving Zakat?

4. Each of the following problem has a question and two statements which are labeled 1. and. Use the data given in 1. and 2. to decide whether the statements are sufficient to answer the question.Select one of the following . a.Statements (1) ALONE is sufficient,but (2) ALONE is not sufficient. b.Statements (2) ALONE is sufficient,but (1) ALONE is not sufficient. c. Both statement TOGETHER are sufficient but statement alone is sufficient . Is K a multiple of 6? (1)K is a multiple of 3. (2) K is a multiple of 12.

5. Rahim's salary is 125% of Karim's salary; Mary's salary is 80% of Karim's salary. The total of all three salaries is TK.61,000. what is Mary,s salary?

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