English 1st Paper নটরডেম কলেজ 2023

প্রশ্ন ·সময় ৩ ঘণ্টা ৪৫ মিনিট


The following bar chart shows the literacy rate in different South Asian Countries. Analyze the given data and describe the graph highlighting the provided information in 150 words. [Source: Wikipedia-2022]

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো


How does education influence human life?

Why does education seem to be incomplete?

In which way knowledge incorporates in daily life?

What makes learning praiseworthy? 

When are people counted as concerned citizens?

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

Rearrange the following sentences to make a coherent order.

(a) "What a soft animal!" he thought, "so handsome fur and striking eyes!"

(b) As he had never seen a cock before, he got frightened by its appearance.

(c) Once a little mouse said, "Mom! Let me go out to see the world."

(d) He described his day's visit to his mother, on his return.

(e) He saw a colourful cock.

(f) After sometime he came across a pussy cat.

(g) The mother mouse said, "Ok! But, be careful."

(h) The mouse came out of his hole and started walking.

(i) He ran away thinking, "What a horrible creature!"

(j) The mother said, "The cock is really harmless. But the soft cat is your real enemy."

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

Suppose, you are Shubha. Recently your younger brother Shohan has completed his SSC course obtaining a good result. Now, write a letter congratulating him on his success and give a guideline for better results in near future.

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

Fill in the blanks with appropriate word in each gap.

Art is generally understood as an (a) ___ of human imagination and creative skills in a range of (b) ___ including painting, drawing, sculpture and (c) ___. The aim of art is to evoke (d) ___ and emotions that are considered aesthetic - that is, concerned with (e) ___ but art also can be a (f) ___ of social commentary. A painting of sunset over the sea glorifies (g) ___, but one that shows a war (h) ___ town can convey a sense of anguish. Throughout the world people appreciate art for its power to affect them in creative (i) ___. As the famous painter Pablo Picasso said, 'the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life (j) ___ our souls.' 

ব্যাখ্যা আনলক করতে চর্চা প্রিমিয়াম এ আপগ্রেড করো

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