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What should be the preparation of MIST admission test? How effective is solving mist question bank?

Today I will talk about another university, which is ranked 5th in Bangladesh, give a little hint, it has military in its name. What did you catch? Yes, today I will talk about the Military Institute of Science and Technology.

Military Institute of Science and Technology (abbreviated as MIST) is a government engineering university in Bangladesh, located in Mirpur Cantonment. It is an autonomous body of the Ministry of Defense which imparts higher education in engineering. After independence, Bangabandhu expressed optimism at the Bangladesh Military Academy that one day researchers and engineers from the developed world would come to Bangladesh. He first envisioned a state-of-the-art engineering education and research institute for the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

On April 19, 1998, the then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone of MIST to study BSc engineering for the officers of the Bangladesh military at Mirpur cantonment in Dhaka for the realization of that dream and for the technical development of the Bangladesh military. Initially, education programs were conducted from civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science and engineering departments, but later other new engineering departments were opened.

MIST CampusImage: MIST Campus

Introduction to Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST).

Military Institute of Science and Technology (abbreviated as MIST) is an important public engineering university of Bangladesh, located in Mirpur cantonment. This institution was established in 1998 with the objective of training the officers of the Bangladesh military. MIST was established as a part of Dhaka University before 2008, since then it has become a major center for teaching technology and engineering especially to military officers.

MIST initially started with the departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering, but over time it has created new departments and currently other new departments have also been added. Since 2002, it has offered civilian students the opportunity to participate in the entrance examination and study here.

MIST currently has 4 faculties and 12 departments of engineering and architecture. BSc in Engineering, MSc/M. Engineering, M. Phil. and PhD degrees are awarded. MIST has established state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers for excellence in engineering education, which the Government of Bangladesh considers an important part of MIST.

Before 2008, MIST was part of Dhaka University. Currently it is affiliated to BUP. Previously only military officers participated, since 2002 civilian students have the opportunity to study here by participating in the entrance examination. MIST currently has 12 departments of engineering and architecture in 4 faculties. BSc Engineering, MSc Engineering /M. Engineering, M. Phil. and Ph.D. Engineering degrees are offered by MIST. Its authority is the Ministry of Defense and the Directorate (Board of Directors) of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force).

There are a total of 350 teachers including 130 PhD holders. 20 teachers are doing Ph.D. Current student strength is 3400+ at undergraduate level, 600+ students at postgraduate level and 50 students at PhD level. Number of Graduate Engineers (2022) is 7200+. The Government of Bangladesh has established state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers at MIST for excellence in engineering education. Currently all engineering departments are accredited by Bangladesh Engineering and Technical Accreditation Board (BATE), Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB).

Bro, what is MIST? General information


Military Institute of Science and Technology




Technology for progress




Science and Technology



World Ranking




Admission website








total students

3000 in 2018 (Approx.)


19 April 1998

the chancellor

President of Bangladesh

Vice Chancellor

Major General MD. Abul Khair


50 acres


Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

History of Military Institute of Science and Technology:

The Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) was launched on April 19, 1998. The institute was conceived as the Bangladesh Armed Forces Technical Institute, and its basic objective was to provide advanced and modern training for officers of the military. The establishment of this institute was contributed by the honorable Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and her able leadership.

The Military Institute of Science and Technology, while MIST, is located in the northwestern part of Dhaka city, and Mirpur Cantonment is the seat of this institute. Mirpur Cantonment is known as the 'Village of Learning' of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, and is well known as a center of knowledge for military/civilian students and professionals.

The first academic program was launched on January 31, 1999 with the first batch of Civil Engineering (CE). Then Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program was started from academic year 2000-2001 followed by Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) programs from 2002-2003.

Aeronautical Engineering (AE) and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) programs were started from 2008-2009 and 2012-2013 respectively. Also, four new departments started their academic session from 2014-2015 namely Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Architecture (ARCH) and Civil, Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering (EWCE). Industrial Production Engineering (IPE) and Petroleum and Mining Engineering (PME) started from 2016-2017.

To provide comprehensive education and conduct research in various disciplines of science, engineering, technology and engineering management.

Produce technically advanced intellectual leaders and professionals with high moral and ethical values ​​to meet the socio-economic development of Bangladesh and global needs.

Conduct collaborative research activities with national and international communities for continuous interaction with academia and industry.

To provide consultancy, advisory, testing and other related services to public, private and autonomous organizations including private to enhance practical knowledge and contribute to sustainable development of society.

The following engineering programs are currently running at MIST

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer Science and Engineering

  • Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering

  • Industrial production and engineering

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

  • Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering

  • Nuclear Science and Engineering

  • Biomedical engineering

  • architecture

  • Petroleum and Mining Engineering

MIST currently has 12 departments. These are:





Department of Civil Engineering



Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Department of Electricity, Communication and Electronic Engineering



Mechanical Department



Department of Aeronautical Engineering



Department of Navigation and Naval Techniques



Department of Architecture



Department of Biomedical Engineering



Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering




Department of Environment, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering




Department of Industrial Production Engineering




Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering





Additional information

Doctoral student


Employees of educational institutions


Administrative Officer


Hall for male students


Hall for female students


Brother, why study at MIST?

MIST is a progressive institute that focuses on innovative research that has real impact and is internationally recognized.

It is a progressive institute that focuses on innovative research that has real impact and is internationally recognized. At MIST, students are at the center of everything we do. Creating career-ready graduates informs what we teach and how we teach it. Our commitment to high-quality teaching makes us a leader in education in science and technology. They will help you reach your study and career goals through a wide range of courses. Enjoy an exciting and dynamic experience at the modern campus.

MIST Campus on a rainy day

In summary, the main features of MIST are:

  • Rigorous admission and selection process for the best possible screening interactive session in the classroom.

  • Regular guest lectures and educational visits.

  • A culture of punctuality, commitment and uninterrupted curriculum.

  • Flexibility in selection of skilled faculty through outsourcing.

  • Good thinking and continuous feedback and evaluation system.

  • Effective teaching through innovative methods.

  • Industrial attachment for job training.

  • Emphasis on code of conduct and dress code.

  • Focus on making students well-rounded people with all the possible qualities of a successful leader.

  • Peaceful, pollution free and safe campus life.

Bro, who controls MIST?

MIST Council

Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Education - Chairman
Army Chief, Bangladesh Army - Vice Chairman
Chief of Naval Staff, Bangladesh Navy - Vice Chairman
Chief of Air Staff, Bangladesh Air Force - Vice Chairman

Principal Staff Officer, Department of Armed Forces; Secretary, MoD; VC, BUP; Engineer in Chief, AHQ; Commandant, MIST; Professor, DU; Professor, Buet; Commandant, Bangladesh Military Academy; Commandant, Bangladesh Naval Academy; Commandant, Bangladesh Air Force Academy; Additional Secretary (Universities), Ministry of Education; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology; Dean, CE Faculty; Dean, Faculty of ECE; Dean, Faculty of ME; Dean, Faculty of Science and Eng Members of MIST

Colonel Staff, MIST - Secretary

Board of Directors of MIST

Commandant, MIST and Engineer in Chief, AHQ - Chairman (whoever is senior)

Professor, DU; Professor, Buet; Additional Secretary (Universities), Ministry of Education; Additional Secretary, MoD; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Finance; Registration, BUP; Director General of Training Directorate, AFD; Director, Directorate of Military Training, AHQ; Director Naval Training, NHQ; Director Air Training, Air Headquarters; Joint Secretary, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology; Dean, Bangladesh Military Academy; Dean, Bangladesh Naval Academy; Dean, Bangladesh Air Force Academy; Director Research and Development; Director Admin; Dean, CE Faculty; Dean, Faculty of ECE; Dean, Faculty of ME; Dean, Faculty of Science and Eng Members of MIST

Colonel Staff, MIST - Secretary

Academic Council of MIST

Commandant, MIST - Chairman

Professor, DU; Professor, Buet; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Education; Additional Secretary, MoD; Inspector of Colleges, BUP; Dean, CE Faculty; Dean, Faculty of ECE; Dean, Faculty of ME; Dean, Faculty of Science and Engg. Director Research and Development; Test Controller; Director Student Welfare; Colonel Staff; Professor Faculty of CE; Professor of ECE Faculty; Head of CE Department, CSE Department, EECE Department, ME Department, AE Department, NAME Department, ARCH Department, EWCE Department, NSE Department, BME Department, PME Department, IPE Department and Science and Humanities Department of MIST; Dean (Faculty of Engineering), BMA; Dean (Faculty of Engineering), BNA; Dean (Faculty of Engineering), BAFA; Representative of Directorate of Training, AFD; Representative of Directorate of Military Training, AHQ; Representative of Directorate of Naval Training, NHQ; Representative of Directorate of Air Training, Air Headquarters - Members

Halls of Residence at MIST


MIST has "Osmani Hall" for students. Male wing for boys and female wing for girls. There are 260 seats in each wing with a total of 520 seats. And for teachers there are 2 residential buildings named "Shapla" and "Palash".

Organizations at MIST

  • MIST Computer Club (MCC)

  • MIST Robotics Club (MRC)

  • MIST Debating Society (MISTDS)

  • MIST Photographic Society (MISTPS)

  • MIST Lunabtics Club

MIST Admission 2023-24 Details

  • Application Start: December 27, 2023

  • Application Deadline: January 17, 2024

  • List of Eligible Candidates: 5th February, 2024

  • Admission Website: mist.teletalk.com.bd

  • Entrance Test Date: 17th February, 2024

  • Admission Centre: Dhaka (Details will be published on MIST website)

Eligibility to apply to MIST

A SSC (or equivalent). Applicants who passed the examination in 2019 and 2020 in the Science group obtained a minimum GPA of 4.00 on a 5.0 scale (excluding the fourth subject).
b. HSC Examination (or equivalent) . Passed applicants in 2021 and 2022 (results published in 2023) must have obtained a minimum aggregate grade point of 17 in four subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English).

c. GCE ('O' and 'A' levels or equivalent) .
(1) Applicants who passed GCE 'O' Level in 2021 and 2022 with a minimum grade of 'B' in five subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. (2) Applicants passed in 2021 and 2022 with a minimum of two 'B' grades and one 'C' grade in GCE 'A' Level Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry . d Applicants interested in Biomedical Engineering must have Biology at HSC or equivalent level with minimum grade points 'A-'/ GCE 'A' or minimum grade points equivalent to 'C'.

Short List for Written Exam in MIST

Shortlisted candidates will be allowed to appear in the written test. These candidates include: Candidates who passed HSC/equivalent examination in 2021 and 2022 . b. Two separate lists of applicants (one for the current year and the other for the previous year) will be prepared for the purpose of selection to appear in the written admission test only. c. Names of shortlisted candidates will be published online on 09 March 2023 .

It is important to have maximum practice on previous year's MIST Admission Question Bank . One of the best means for this can be practice.

MIST Admission Form

How to Apply to MIST

Online application should be submitted through MIST website ( www.mist.ac.bd ) only. After submitting the application form, the applicant will get a User ID online. With that user ID, the applicant needs to send an SMS to 16222 from the Tele-Talk prepaid mobile phone. The application fee is BdT.1000 (One Thousand) for Unit A and Bdt.1200 (One Thousand Two Hundred) for Unit B and Unit (A+B) . Detailed instructions for e-application and fee submission are given on the MIST website. On successful completion of both, the applicant will receive a password through SMS using which an eligible applicant can download the admit card.

Required Documents for Quota Applicants in MIST

Freedom Fighters:

Provide relevant Bangladesh Gazette, Provisional Certificate from Ministry of Liberation War Affairs, Lal Muktibarta, Indian List, and a certificate from Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Sangsad along with certificate of relationship with freedom fighters.

Military ward (children of military personnel):

Serving: Provide a testimonial from the head or authorized officers of the organization.

Retired Officers:

Provide a certificate from CORO, Naval Secretariat or Air Secretariat.

Army/Navy/Air Force JCO/OR/NC(E):

Provide a certificate or service record book from the concerned Arms/Service Record Office/Drafting Office.


Provide a certificate issued by the local Upazila Chairman and countersigned by the District Commissioner.

All quota applicants must submit the original documents (hard copies) mentioned to the MIST Admission Office by February 22, 2021 for quota authentication/verification.

For GCE applicants, attested copies (hard copies) of transcripts/certificates must be submitted to the MIST Admissions Office for authentication/verification.
Incomplete or false information at any stage of the admission process will disqualify the candidates.

Instructions for giving aplication money to MIST

After you apply successfully, you will get a User ID online. Use that USER ID to send an SMS to 16222 from a Tele-Talk prepaid mobile with sufficient balance. Application fee is Rs.1000 for Unit A and Rs.1200 for Unit B and Unit (A+B). Detailed instructions for e-application and fee submission are available on the MIST website. Once both are done, you will receive a password via SMS. Use this password to download your admit card.

MIST Admit Card Download

List of Eligible Candidates for Bangladesh MIST Admission Test 2023-24 Released. Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Admit Card 2024 is also available. Only shortlisted candidates can download admit card. Eligible candidates will receive an SMS notification to download the admit card and then they can download it.

To download admit card, candidates need to login with their user id and password. Admit card contains information about admission test date, time, name and address of examination center.

Visit mist.teletalk.com.bd or click here to download MIST Admit Card.

Make sure that the admit card is printed in color on A4 size paper. Detailed instructions for the exam are given in the admit card. Admit card can be downloaded multiple times till the date of admission test.

Distribution of Marks in MIST

There will be no Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The questions will be in both English and Bengali and applicants can answer in either English or Bengali. The distribution of marks for both the units is as follows:







Unit A (Engineering and Architecture)



Total Marks: 100
Duration of Exam: 2 Hours











Unit B (Architecture)

Subjects related to drawing and architecture


Total Marks: 200 (A) + 100 (B)
Duration of Examination: (3+ 2) Hours with break between

It is important to have maximum practice on previous year's MIST Admission Question Bank . One of the best means for this can be practice.

b. There is no mark allocation for SSC/HSC/equivalent results. Merit list will be prepared on the basis of written test only . Minimum qualifying marks in written examination is 40% for both Unit A and Unit B. Five percent (5%) marks will be deducted from the written examination of the candidates

who passed HSC in 2021 . Thereafter, a combined merit list (candidates who have passed HSC in 2022 and 2021) will be prepared for admission and category allotment .

Total Marks: 100 (Unit A) + 100 (Unit B)

Duration of Examination: 2 hours for Unit A, with a break of 2 hours for Unit B

There is no mark allocation for SSC / HSC / equivalent results. Merit list will be based on written test only. The minimum qualifying marks in the written examination is 40% for both Unit A and Unit B.

A 5% marks deduction will be made for candidates who have cleared HSC in 2021 A combined merit list will be prepared for admission and category allotment for candidates who passed HSC in 2022 and 2021.

Any incomplete/false information found at any stage of admission/academic process will result in cancellation of admission.

For more information, visit the MIST website ( www.mist.ac.bd ) or contact the Admission Help Desk (01769024090/01769024094).

seating plan

For Bangladesh Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) Admission Test 2024, Seat Plan is in Admit Card. Download admit card to see your center name, seat location and address. Reach the exam center 45 minutes before the exam. The admit card includes a map with the location of the examination center. No additional seat plan will be released for the admission test.

Admission Process in MIST:

Health Check:

Selected civil candidates will have to temporarily undergo medical check-up at MIST Medical Center. They have to give urine, blood and blood grouping test report. The MIST Medical Authority will decide whether the candidates are physically fit for admission.


Candidates shortlisted for admission must follow these rules:

Complete the admission formalities within a specified time.

• Failure to complete the admission formalities within the stipulated time will result in cancellation of the election.

• Waiting list will be prepared based on merit.

• Failure to attend classes within two weeks of program commencement will result in cancellation of admission and forfeiture of fees.

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission:

• Original copy of SSC and equivalent certificate and marksheet

• Original copy of HSC and equivalent certificate and marksheet

• Three recent passport size color photographs attested by a Class-I gazetted officer

• Character certificate from the latest institution head

• Nationality Certificate or Birth Certificate or National Identity Card

Allotment of departments in MIST

Sections will be allotted on the basis of individual merit in the admission test against total vacancies. Personal category preferences will be given priority as far as possible.

Parental consent

Selected citizen candidates and their parents or guardians must provide a consent certificate in the admission form accepting the terms and conditions framed by the MIST authorities.

Cancellation of admission/academic process in MIST

Admission will be canceled if incomplete/false information is found, or candidates/students fail drug test at any stage of admission/education process.

Cost of Study at MIST:

Being a government institution and belonging to the Ministry of Defence, the cost of MIST is slightly higher than other public universities. For example, cadet colleges cost more than other government colleges. If either parent is a Government Servant or Retired Government Servant (applicable to both Civil and Military), admission is currently Rs.93,150 (Girls) / Rs.93,550 (Boys) inclusive of all first semester expenses. From where 25,000 rupees is refunded on completion of graduation or cancellation of admission.

1,11,150 (Girl) / 1,11,550 (Son) if the parent is a private employee/any other profession. 25,000 refundable.

  • Semester Fee: Tk 22,650/Semester (Same for All) (For Remaining 7 Semesters)

  • Total Cost: Total Rs.3,14,650 (Female) / Rs.3,15,150 (Male) for Children of Government Servants to complete graduation in four years including all expenses.

  • Children of private employees will need Tk 3,86,650 (Female) / Tk 3,87,050 (Male).

  • Total Reimbursable Amount: After completion of graduation all expenses incurred for the above four years i.e. 3 lakh 15 thousand (Government) or 3 lakh 86 thousand (Private) total refund (25,000 + 6,500 (after submission of thesis) + 5,600 (paid during internship) = Rs.37,100.


  • Hall Facilities and Expenses: 2 thousand 200 taka per month. (Both Boys/Girls) Food cost dependent on intake. 100 to a maximum of 3 thousand taka. To get seat allotment in the hall one has to submit a separate application form in the hall office and give viva. 8,500 has to be paid as security money while taking a seat in the hall, which is refunded after vacating the seat in the hall or completing graduation. (In this case the monthly hall charge payment money receipts have to be submitted to the hall office)

  • Osmani Hall: Considered by most to be the best public hall in Bangladesh, Osmani Hall is located in MIST. Other amenities of Osmani Hall include attached bathroom, separate lift, gymnasium, mosque/prayer room, indoor games facilities, common room, broadband unlimited internet connection, WiFi, washing machine and iron, vending machine etc. Total seat capacity of Osmani Hall is 520 (Male Wing+Female Wing). Apart from the Osmani Hall, there are a few student halls (extensions).

  • Hall food menu: One day a week beef+polao+chinese vegetables (Fri/Sat), one day beef+roast (Tuesday), one night beef tehari/khasir kacchi (Sunday), one night beef kalavuna (Thursday), remaining three days chicken at noon Big fish (Hilsha/Rui) at night
    and afternoon tea/breakfast served in girls hall. The food menu and timings are subject to change as per the decision of the Mess Committee Besides, Hall Fest is organized almost every month where all students, resident and non-resident are invited

Finally, just one thing.

Students must give utmost importance to the entrance exam. That is why it is important to have maximum practice on previous year's MIST Admission Question Bank . One of the best means for this can be practice. Best wishes to all the students who are willing to take part in the entrance exam.

And again, there is nothing to fear. Go ahead with strong resolve and strong spirit, victory will be yours, because the desire to grow big makes people big. Best wishes.

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