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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh was established as the first and only specialized public university in Bangladesh.

It is the first maritime university in Bangladesh, second in South Asia and 12th in the world. It is the 37th government university of Bangladesh. The BSc in Oceanography program was started on 3rd January 2017 at the University's temporary campus in Mirpur, as part of the first-ever launch of the Bachelor (honours) class in the University. Then in 2018, the first batch of BSc in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering classes started. Two more program classes started in 2019. LLB in Maritime Law and BBA in Port Management and Logistics. 2020 BSc in Maritime Fisheries first batch admission and classes start.

Where is Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University?


Academic activities are currently being conducted in two temporary campuses at Mirpur 12 (Pallabi). Work has already started on permanent campuses in Hamidchar, Baklia, Chittagong. The Maritime Campus will be one of the most planned campuses among universities in Bangladesh. The permanent campus of the university will be built on 106.6 acres of land on the banks of Karnaphuli river.

Home away from Maritime University , where to stay?

Mirpur DOHS has 3 residential halls near the university for the convenience of students.

What does Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University teach?

At present, the academic activities of 5 departments under 4 faculties are running. But in future, 38 departments will be started under 7 faculties. Each department has 40 seats. Many programs are running continuously at Masters level as well.

  • BSc (Hons) in Oceanography

  • BSc (Hons) in Marine Fisheries

  • BSc (Engr.) in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

  • BBA (Hons) in Port Management and Logistics

  • LLB (Hons) in Maritime Law

So brother how to prepare for BSMRMU?

As opposed to each seat, relatively large number of candidates appear here. Maritime University does not allow taking out exam questions. Again there is no such book to help in admission for proper preparation. For science faculties, you can take preparation from other universities like RU, CU, DU and JU. Apart from this, you can practice your own maritime question bank and practice. Engineering for naval architecture should be taken in the same way as you have taken the preparation of other universities. And for Maritime Law and Port Management IBA question banks of various universities will be followed and IBA preparation will be taken.

maritime admission 2024

What are the qualifications for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University?

BSMRMU Circular 2024

Now, bro, I applied to Maritime, what should I read? How will the test be?

Maritime University Admission Test –

Eligible applicants have to clear the MCQ test for preliminary selection. Preliminary questions will come from every year’s HSC syllabus. Applicants should prepare by reading Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The duration of the admission test is 1.5 hours.

BSMRMU Admission Results will be released by 10/2/2024. Finally, selected students must be admitted by February 28, 2024

Bangabandhu Maritime University Admission Test Schedule 2023-24:

BSMRMU Application Last Date:
Shortlisted Candidates Release:
BSMRMU Admission Test Date:
Bangabandhu Maritime University Admission Result:
Admission Duration:
Class Start:


18/1/2024 (this year list is out, better luck next time)

2 and 3/2/2024

By 10/2/2024

11/2/2024 to 28/2/2024

March 10, 2024

But bro, spending at BSMRMU? Abba Nehi Manenge if it costs more

The estimated cost in four years will be around one and a half lakh.

Estimated Semester Fee of Science Department is 17/18 thousand. And 14/15 thousand for BBA and LLB.

So you have to apply to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University . Where to do?

Visit BUTEX official website to get details.

A minimum of 30 marks should be obtained in the admission test. Subject to eligibility can apply to this university.

The merit list will be published on the basis of the highest marks and GPA in the total 100 marks exam. According to the admission circular of the respective university, the students who are in the merit list with the highest score in the specified number of seats will get priority.

What are the advantages of maritime?

There is a research center for research. Students will get all kinds of facilities including central library, auditorium, cafeteria. There are also 8 active clubs for students' intellectual development and extra-co-curricular activities. Maritime University has cooperation agreements with more than 20 universities of the country and abroad.

Fun facts:

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University is a completely political free university.

  • 100% ragging free campus and no concessions on sexual harassment. University authorities control these things very tightly.

  • The government spends the highest amount per student per year in this university.

  • The teacher-student ratio here is the highest in the country. There is one teacher for every 7 students.

  • There is no session jam in this varsity.

So brother, enough gossip, so how to prepare?

As I have said before, I will say it again. Compared to each seat, there are relatively many candidates participating. Maritime University does not allow taking out exam questions. . For science faculties, you can take preparation from other universities like RU , CU , DU and JU . Apart from this, you can practice your own maritime question bank and practice. Engineering for naval architecture should be taken in the same way as you have taken the preparation of other universities. And follow the IBA question banks of various universities for Maritime Law and Port Management. And will take the preparation of IBA.

Maritime University Admission Preparation:

Since it is a public university, it can be a very good opportunity for students who are currently seeking admission. For this reason, the students who want to get admission should acquire the maximum skill on the subjects of their respective units. And there is no substitute for practice. Let us know how students can prepare unit wise:

Faculty of earth and ocean Science ও Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Here questions come mostly from mathematical part of physics. Apart from this, one should have sufficient proficiency in solving mathematical parts using the dimensions, units and formulas of all equations. Analyzing the previous year's question bank shows that most of the first paper questions are from Kinetics, Newtonian Mechanics, Work, Power and Energy and Ideal Gases. And in the 2nd paper more questions came from thermodynamics, static and dynamic electricity. But all chapters are equally important.


In chemistry, all the practice questions of the original book (especially Hazari sir's book) should be practiced properly. 1st Paper Qualitative Chemistry, Periodic Table of Elements and Chemical Changes and 2nd Paper

Organic compounds (very important for all admissions) and electrochemistry are more important.


But with good practice and habit of hand calculation, there will be no problem, although calculators are allowed in maritime (FEOS and FET only, not others). But all chapters should be mastered.

Faculty of Shipping Administration ও Faculty of Maritime Governance and Policy


Every time several questions come from grammar section as well as prose and poetry section in the exam. In that case, you should have an idea about the main subject of prose and verse, the introduction of the author and the important writings of the author.

ভাষা, বাংলা ভাষা, ব্যাকরণ, শব্দ, কারক, সমাস, সন্ধি, বিভক্তি, বচন, বাক্য সংকোচন, বাগধারা, উপসর্গ, অনুসর্গ are important for Grammar section. They need to be practiced well.


There are several questions from Grammar in cluster admission test. In that case Parts of speech, Article, Tense, Voice, Narration, Correction, Right form of verbs, Translation, Synonyms, Antonyms, Transformation of sentences, Comprehension etc. should be read well. Must have basic clear of English and master all previous year English question papers of all varsities.

General Knowledge and ICT:

Previous year GK questions seemed quite straightforward.

What is the future of studying in BSMRMU?

Studying at Maritime has many advantages, such as-

LLB (Honor’s) in Maritime Law:

a. Bangladesh Judicial Service

b. General Practitioner

c. Lawyer in the admiralty court and marine court

d. Law officer and legal advisers of port, shipping, and shipbuilding industries such as shipping liners,

seaports, container depot/terminals, shipbuilding organizations, logistics companies, freight forwarding

agencies, and various maritime organizations at home and abroad

e. Academic career in university and maritime institutions at home & abroad

f. Govt. organizations including bank and insurance companies

BBA in Port Management and Logistics:

a. Port, shipping and logistics industries such as shipping liners, seaports, container depots/ terminals,

freight forwarding companies and various maritime organizations at home and abroad.

b. Academic careers at home and abroad.

c. Working as an executive in the commercial department of different

corporations. d. Research firm in the maritime field.

e. Govt. maritime organizations.

BSc. in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering professionals have diverse job opportunities. They have

access to both Government and Private sector jobs.

Some of the prime recruiters are –

a. Government-owned shipyards

b. Private shipyards

c. Shipbuilding firms

d. Consultancies

e. Offshore engineering firms

f. Energy firms

g. Armed Forces (Navy, Coast guard, etc.)

h. Research firms

i. Dockyards

In the above-mentioned setups, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering professionals may perform

the following roles –

• Naval Architect

• Design Specialist

• Project Manager

• Maintenance Engineer

• Researcher

• Consultant

BSc (Honors) in Oceanography

Depending on the degree and specialized module choices, graduates from the Department of

Oceanography and Hydrography can apply for jobs in the following areas (home and abroad):

a. Coastal and water resource management

b. Pollution monitoring/treatment and waste disposal management

c. Coastal and offshore engineering

d. Hydrography

e. Remote sensing

f. Seabed exploration and exploitation

g. Oceanographic research institutes

h. Universities

i. Government laboratories

j. Aquaculture industries

k. Marine conservation and management

l. Fisheries Ecotourism

m. Fish and shellfish culture

n. Marine environmental impact studies

o. Hydrocarbon companies

p. Marine environmental consultancy

q. Environment agency

r. Policymaking on maritime affairs

s. Regulatory authorities on maritime affairs

BSc (Honor’s) in Marine Fisheries

After successful completion of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Marine Fisheries course, students can

accommodate themselves in,

a. Commercial fishing industry

b. Fish processing industry

c. Fishing vessel, Fish/shrimp hatchery

d. Aquaculture farm

e. Coastal and Marine Tourism Industry

f. Government organization

g. NGOs in various capacities

h. May serve themselves as a freelance consultant

Last – (but most important)

Students must give maximum importance to batch admission test. That is why it is important to have maximum practice on the previous year's Maritime Admission Question Bank . Also you should practice previous year question banks of RU , CU , DU and JU . One of the best means for this can be Chorcha app . Best of luck to all the students who are willing to take part in the Maritime Entrance Test.

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